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Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage focuses on painful, stiff "trouble spots" in your body. The therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep tissue massage can be quite therapeutic--relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries, such as back sprain. At certain points during the massage, most people may experience some discomfort. Clients often have some stiffness or pain after a deep tissue massage, but it should subside within a day or so. The massage therapist may recommend applying an Epsom salt bath or ice to a specific area after the massage. So don’t wait, don’t hesitate! Call us now to set up your massage…

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Helps to relieve:
  • Severe muscle tension Chronic pain
  • Whiplash Falls
  • Sports injury Repetitive strain injury
  • Postural problems Osteoarthritis pain
  • Fibromyalgia Muscle tension or spasm

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At Elements we specialize in truly therapeutic deep tissue massage, which is quite different than the run-of-the-mill massages you may have received elsewhere.

When you enter our studio we focus on handcrafting a customized massage for you. We match you with the right therapist, using the right amount of pressure, and the right combination of techniques. Hands-down, it’s the most effective massage around.

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