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Why Don’t More Men Get Massages?

Why Don’t More Men Get Massages?

Elements Massage Tempe

More than 70% of Americans that receive regular massage are female. Why? Of course, Men experience the same benefits of massage. Many men report feeling uncomfortable with another person touching their bodies. Others also site that they feel massage is simply a form of pampering, and ‘feminine’. Whatever the reason, the large majority of Men are missing out on the many therapeutic elements of massage. Massage can help men (and women) relive many of the problems they face in their day to day lives.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and the resulting, potentially devastating medical conditions, effect men 60% more often than woman. Massage helps to relieve high blood pressure. In fact, just a 60-minute massage has been show to drop a man’s blood pressure by 10.4 millimeters of mercury (mm/Hg) systolic, and 5.3 mm/Hg diastolic.

Athletic Performance

Massage, or specifically sport massage (ie “Musculotendinous” massage) specifically targets the ailments and priorities of athletes. Sport massage not only focuses on relieving tension in areas common with athletic activity, but also increases range of motion and flexibility. Studios show that 60-90 minutes of massage increase a client’s heart rate and insulin levels, both of which are beneficial for improved athletic performance.


Studies show that Men report suffering from constipation significantly more often than women. The most common form of constipation treatment is laxatives, but regular massage has been shown to be an equally effective method promoting regular bowel movements.

For more information about how Men can benefit from regular massage, check out this article from Men’s Health:


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