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Managing Pain with Age

Managing Pain with Age

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The older we get, the more important it is to make health decisions to maximize our health, and minimize our pain. Unfortunately, it is often the case that many of the ways we maintain our health when we were young also become more challenging, leaving us looking for solutions.

While you may not be able to take a run around the neighborhood or play tennis with your friends, there are other ways to make sure your muscles stay active, loose and healthy. Regular massage improves circulation, which ensures your muscles get the nutrients and oxygen they need to stay healthy.

Therapists administering massage for senior citizens are also trained to incorporate stretching in the massage session. The specific stretching technique involves the application of just enough pressure on the joints, soft tissue, and muscles to make the massage safe for an older individual while still retaining its efficacy. Patients greatly benefit from massage by gaining an increased range of motion, strengthening of muscles while reducing tension, and a higher quality night’s sleep. Those who undergo regular massage have reported sleeping deeper and for longer, which allows the body time to regenerate and repair itself, resulting in an overall state of greater well-being. Massage also improves posture and reduces tension that accumulates in the muscles over many years. This not only assists seniors in obtaining higher quality rest but also helps them avoid and manage painful age-related conditions, such as degenerative disc disorder and spinal stenosis.

For more information on the benefits of Masage for the elderly, check out this article from Pacific College:

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