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5116 S Rural Rd.
Suite 125
Tempe, AZ 85282

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 7pm

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HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT? Things your body saying to a massage therapist.

HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT? Things your body saying to a massage therapist.

Elements Massage Tempe

Ever heard the saying: “Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs”? It turns out it is saying a lot more than that. When a massage therapist touches your body, they can quickly tell you many things about your life, routine, and history of injury. For instance:

If you need a new pillow:

Ideally, you pillow should support your head well enough to put your spine in perfect alignment. However, as time goes on, pillows wear and end up bunching around our ears, causing a strain on our neck and upper spine. Within second, you massage therapist can identify if you need a new pillow base off of the stress in your upper vertebrae, and if your alignment slants to one side or the other.

That you suffered an injury as a kid:

You probably don’t notice the lasting effects of a childhood injury, but your massage therapist does. People who had a serious injury, leaving them without full use of an arm or leg, often show increases strength and stress on one side of their body. In fact, when you break an arm or leg, it is almost always slightly shorter than its counterpart when examined side by side.

That you Text too often:

You would think that your thumbs and hands would be a dead give-away but it is actually your shoulders. When you text, you often crouch your head and neck down directioned towards your phone. If you have high tension in your shoulder, it is an indication of excessive texting.

That you have been chilly:

Our posture changes when we are cold and we don’t even realize it. We contract our whole body, primarily, we hunch our shoulders up towards our ears. If you have high tension in the top of your shoulders, a massage therapist will know you have spent time in cold climates.

Check out this article from on other things that your body is saying:

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