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Workplace Injuries and Massage

Workplace Injuries and Massage

Elements Massage South Mesa

Workplace injuries are quite common these days. With a reliance on technology-driven environments like computers, in recent years there’s been an increase in musculoskeletal injuries. Poor body mechanics and lack of self-care education are two of the most common reasons why workplace injuries occur.

Depending upon the injury, medicine, surgery, and physical therapy may all be required by your doctor. However, this conventional medicine may not address the complex emotional or physical aspects of an injury. One thing that can help bring an injured worker back up to speed is the art of massage and the power of self-care. As a way to help deal with anxiety, depression, and sleep disruption an on-the-job injury can cause, massage can help play a positive role in re-establishing and centering the mind and body.

Physical Help

As a way to address pain and aches resulting from a wide range of injuries, massage can help treat many of the most common workplace injuries like neck, back, and carpal tunnel issues. By reducing inflammation and helping to release stored tension and knots around muscles, massage can deliver relief. Not to mention massage also boosts circulatory function to increase your body’s oxygen-rich blood flow that in turn can help you make  a quicker recovery.

Emotional Help

There’s an emotional vulnerability to any injury that is hard to treat but the healing power of touch helps facilitate the human connection portion and aids in dispelling the trauma of an injury that can disrupt competence, confidence, and control.

Regular massage therapy treatments can help anyone make a recovery after suffering a workplace injury and can also be a great way to prevent future injuries! If you know someone that’s recently had an accident, let them know that we are standing by, waiting to help start them on a path to wellness!



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