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The Many Sides of Wellness

The Many Sides of Wellness

Elements Massage South Mesa

The mind and body connection is one of the many vital relationships we talk about frequently at Elements South Mesa. Wellness, to us, is more than just a physical state of being as it includes different categories including physical, emotional, and spiritual components. Here is a breakdown that discusses the many sides of wellness:

       Physical Wellness
The easiest category to digest, physical wellness involves everything from the foods that you eat to the activities you do. Regularly nurturing your body with challenging exercise and a diverse, yet healthy diet are two main parts of physical wellness. Additionally, maintaining regular doctor’s visits for check-ups is a vital portion in the physical wellness equation.

       Social Wellness
The other people we surround ourselves with give our lives dimensions. Being able to socialize, empathize, sympathize, and connect is what makes us human. That’s why building and actively maintaining positive relationships with your partner, family, and friends is part of a well-rounded approach to wellness.

       Emotional Wellness
Being able to examine your own behavioral patterns in regards to your emotional responses like anger, sadness, joy, happiness and so on can help you productively explore and reflect on yourself as an individual. This in turn, can help you know more about yourself and what you need to maintain an awareness of your own emotional wellness.

       Intellectual Wellness
Intellectual wellness can be defined as your desire to seek out and achieve growth. Whether through developing new and exciting ideas, improving on an existing skill set, or putting yourself out there to try something new, the challenge of contributing to an ongoing cultivation of knowledge can help you feel more happy and centered in life.

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