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Massage For Glowing Skin

Massage For Glowing Skin

Elements Massage South Mesa

Now that summer is here, it’s prime swimming time. To put your best face forward, however, requires a bit of care. If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or are prone to heat rash, we can help.

Massage is a secret tool that can keep your skin healthy and smooth, even in the worst temperatures (hot or cold). Here’s how it helps:

Reduces Inflammation
By boosting blood flow, massage can improve your body’s circulation. This can reduce inflammation and puffiness and can give your skin the opportunity to heal.

Depending on your preference, our expert massage therapy team will deliver a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience by using a moisturizing oil or lotion. This even application of moisture helps your body readily absorb and distribute lotion to eradicate dry skin.

Promotes Immunity
In addition to the benefits above, improved circulation also helps your body process toxins quicker which can improve immunity.

Hydration Reason

Before and after any massage session, we encourage you to drink plenty of water. This can help your muscles prepare for the movements associated with a session and is an excellent way to flush out waste from the body afterwards.

If you are looking to capture that deep, healthy glow, our team recommends monthly massage sessions. The peace and relaxation that stem from a therapeutic and customized massage experience can do wonders to nurture your mind and body health - and that will be apparent in your skin!

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