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Chronic Pain Coping Strategies

Chronic Pain Coping Strategies

Elements Massage South Mesa

Living with chronic pain is an ongoing struggle. At Elements Massage South Mesa, many of our patients seek us out due to chronic discomfort, aches, and relentless pain. As a nonpharmacological or invasive method, massage offers many benefits to these individuals.

Beyond massage, however, there are several other coping strategies that can help unlock relief:

  • Deep Breathing
    Learning how to help your body relax naturally may be able to ease pain levels. Since tension and tightness stem from muscles, teaching yourself to meditate or by taking a few moments to perform a deep breathing exercise you can encourage relaxation.
  • Reduce Stress
    Stress can intensify or exacerbate chronic pain. Negative things like depression, anxiety, and anger are known to increase the body’s sensitivity to pain. To reduce the perception of pain, it’s important to find methods that can lift your mood and decrease stress levels. Whether guided imagery or soothing music, having a few tools in your toolkit that can make chronic pain more bearable is always helpful.
  • Endorphins When Possible
    Depending on your pain levels, if you are able to engage in exercise, it can have pain-reducing effects. The endorphins your body produces from exercise can help block pain signals and encourage physical health. As always, talk to your doctor about what the best physical activities align with your condition.
  • Find Community
    Support in the form of a community of people who understand what you are going through can help you feel less alone. Meeting others that suffer from a similar condition can help foster cathartic connectedness. Plus, you may be able to benefit from their trials and tribulations in regards to coping with their own pain.

For individuals living with chronic pain, including back and neck pain, we’re here for you. If massage is right for your condition, we’d like nothing other than to help reduce your stress levels and achieve relief.

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