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1705 S. Greenfield Rd.
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Mesa, AZ 85206

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm
Same Day Appointments Available

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Behind the Eye Headaches

Behind the Eye Headaches

Elements Massage South Mesa

For those that suffer from behind-the-eye headaches, you know that it can strike suddenly or else build up with mounting pressure over the course of a few days. Accompanied by throbbing pain, burning or dry eyes, slight fever, and even sinus pressure, these types of headaches can dramatically impair your ability to function.

There are several known causes for this specific type of headache:

1. Tired Eyes
If you sit at a computer day-in and day-out, chances are that you strain your eyes regularly. This repetitive eye strain can fatigue and irritate your eyes. Often this causes dry eyes which leads to your body trying to compensate, resulting in a splitting headache.

2. Vision Woes
Poor vision or undiagnosed eyesight problems are another key source for eye strain and discomfort. It is important to visit the eye doctor regularly to check on your vision health and address issues such as astigmatisms, near- or far-sightedness.

3. Stress
Behind-the-eye headaches can also be brought on by prolonged exposure to high-stress levels. Stress-induced headaches start at the base of the head and travel up the neck, often residing behind the eyes.

4. Hereditary Conditions
Did you know that you could be predisposed to having headaches? Cluster headaches are the category of headaches those with a genetic predisposition experience. This type of headache is usually accompanied by extreme pain and discomfort, in addition to sensitivity to light.

Dealing with Pain
Figuring out how to handle headaches is a personal task. Many individuals find success by managing their blood sugar levels, taking frequent breaks from screens, medications like ibuprofen or Tylenol, and relaxing activities such as massage or yoga.

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