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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Same Day Appointments Available
Elements Massage 16255 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite C5
Scottsdale, AZ   85254
(480) 998-2120 Elements Massage$49 to $99

Scottsdale Promenade

Scottsdale Rd & Frank Lloyd Wright

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16255 N Scottsdale Rd
Suite C5
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Same Day Appointments Available

Flor (level 3 +) | Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Modalities: Firm Pressure 3, Swedish/Relaxation, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Sports, Prenatal, Himalayan Salt Stone, Cupping, Aromatherapy.

Why I Became a Massage Therapist: 2014. I wanted to make people feel better, heal and relax.

Philosophy on Healing: There are many different styles of massage therapy, but it is extremely important to understand every person is different and that massage can be used to not only heal the body, but to heal the mind and soul as well.

Places I have Lived: Mexico, Tucson, Denver and Mesa

Education: Arizona Board Licensed Massage Therapist.

Interesting Facts About Me: I love to learn new things but I don't exactly enjoy reading. I am a visual and hands on learner. I love to travel, meet new cultures and experience different styles of living.

In my other Life (Before I Found Massage Therapy) I was… a customer service representative for an auto loan company in Colorado.

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