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Pairing Meditation with Massage

Pairing Meditation with Massage

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

If you are looking for a way to hit the brakes on the pace of modern life, we’ve got you covered. Partnering a meditation practice with regular massage sessions is the perfect antidote to the jam-packed schedule of work, home, family, and friends. If you are stressed out and carrying tension, it’s important to discover a healthy way to give yourself a bit of TLC. Here’s why we are loving the combination of massage and meditation:

First, Meditation
Establishing a habit of turning inward and letting yourself find an internal focus is a way to train your mind to balance its emotional state. There are numerous helpful apps on the market that can teach you guided meditation. Learning how to sit quietly and notice your thoughts go by can both alleviate stress and encourage you to pay attention to what really matters in life.

Then, Massage
Massage is another way to nurture the mind and body connection. By developing a meditation practice, massage becomes a great place for you to relax and lean in to that deep sense of inner peace. Not to mention that massage also boasts a variety of physical benefits like boosting your immune system, releasing muscle tension, and reducing pain.

When employed in conjunction, meditation and massage can help you reap the benefits of both practices. A calm, supple body is more receptive to a deeper, more gratifying massage session. After all, if you can’t figure out how to release tension outside of a massage, when you are with our talented team, you may end up trying to hold on harder to lingering tension - bunkering down on your stress and closing yourself off to the therapeutic and holistic methods of massage.

To be mindful during a massage, employ techniques used in meditation like allowing thoughts to come and go. Thank them for passing you by and try not to fixate on any one particular thought. If you struggle, turn to your breath to focus yourself on the natural inward and outward cycle.

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