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Massage Can Help with Surprising Things

Massage Can Help with Surprising Things

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade


Massage therapy is often associated with neck pain, back pain, headaches, and general muscle stiffness for its ability to improve these conditions. More recently, it has been associated with health problems like fibromyalgia and arthritis as well as its ability to provide relief for some mental side effects of constant pain like depression or anxiousness. However, therapeutic massage can also aid the following surprising conditions: post operation recovery, digestive discomfort, body image issues, and social connectivity.

Post operation recovery often involves soreness and discomfort for a variety of reasons, and with your doctor’s approval, massage therapy can help ease this process. Using soft tissue movements, stretching and working on the muscles around the joints, massage therapists can help complement your recovery strategy so you’re back to what you love doing in no time. When it comes to digestive discomfort, massage therapy can alleviate the symptoms of cramping, bloating, and stomach pain while simultaneously working your digestive system towards moving the way it should without an invasive medical procedure. The last two conditions are connected to the benefit of positive therapeutic touch. Becoming more comfortable in your skin and feeling less isolated are both effects of the healthy, therapeutic contact that comes with massage therapy.

While massage should only be used for medical reasons with the recommendation of your doctor in the case of post operation recovery, therapeutic massage can help people with a surprising and far ranging number of conditions. Chronic pain, muscle stiffness, anxiety, stress, social isolation, and many more difficulties can all be helped with the help from a licensed massage therapist at Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade.

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