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How to Improve Joint and Bone Health

How to Improve Joint and Bone Health

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

Therapeutic massage has a constellation of benefits, but one of the most common reasons people turn to its healing power is to relieve aching, tight, and sore muscles. In fact, massage is phenomenal for relieving these kinds of discomforts often in as little as a single session. But did you know that massage therapy can also help relieve the pain and stiffness associated with joints and bones as well? Bone and joint conditions are one of the top contributors to chronic pain and physical limitations world wide, and massage can help manage some of the symptoms to improve overall quality of life in the persons living with them.

Massage therapy can help improve joint and bone health in a few ways. First, it improves circulation, which reduces swelling and inflammation around the joints. Second, by reducing inflammation massage therapy also improve functionality of the joints. Without swollen tissue surrounding the joint, fluid and pressure is released which allows the joint to function much more smoothly and with significantly less pain. Also, muscles that have become tense due to compensation for the sore joint and bones will be relaxed with massage therapy, which improves flexibility and mobility as well. Taken together, by healing the connective tissues, tendons, and muscles located near the joint, massage therapy can reduce the pain overall.

While massage therapy cannot cure underlying conditions, it can help to alleviate and manage some of the symptoms associated with them as well as improve overall bone and joint health. With regular massage therapy, many people with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and osteoarthritis reported significant decreases in pain, stiffness and fatigue. If you think that you could benefit from these health benefits and improve your health, call and book an appointment with Elements Massage at the Scottsdale Promenade p. (480) 448-4982.

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