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Guidelines for a successful massage therapy experience

Guidelines for a successful massage therapy experience

Scottsdale Elements Massage

For those seeking massage for stress relief and overall health benefits, the experience should be a positive one that can provide the foundation for ongoing enjoyment of massage therapy.

Any apprehension you might have about working with a particular therapist or facility can be eased by knowing what to expect. Here are some of the guidelines established by the American Massage Therapy Association:

Clients should expect an environment that is clean, safe and comfortable throughout their visit. Some of the things that contribute to a positive environment are privacy while changing, removing clothing to your personal level of comfort, and appropriate coverage with a towel, sheet or blanket during your therapy. Clients should be able to decide if they would like music, conversation or quiet during their massage.

Of course, your therapist should be a licensed/certified/registered professional who treats clients with respect, confidentiality and courtesy. When working with the therapist, it’s important that clients feel that they can ask questions, discuss treatment options and massage techniques, and receive professional responses.

A good relationship goes both ways, and massage therapists will expect to be treated as healthcare professionals and be made aware of any concerns or health conditions before therapy begins. Common courtesy, and a respect for the payment and scheduling policies of the facility are also necessary for a successful relationship.

A few simple guidelines and clear expectations can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and improved health and wellbeing.

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