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Graduation gifts that help with decompression

Graduation gifts that help with decompression

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

The end of May typically means graduation for a number of students. Some of them are walking away from high school with plans to go on to college or find jobs and begin their adult life. Others are leaving colleges with degrees and any number of plans for the following years. However, there is one thing all of these students have in common: stress.

Graduation typically follows a rigorous week of finals or other tests, and this is the final leg of multiple years of studying and working terrifically hard in most cases. This type of stress can manifest itself in the body through muscle tension and headaches. It can also have implications for mood. Stress can result in restlessness and irritability. Therapeutic massage is one way to combat the stress that comes with the intensity of the final weeks of school. It can also help your graduate relax and unwind with ease into the summer months by helping them deal with the physical and mental implications of being a student.

Therapeutic massage helps reduce muscle tension and pain by methodically relaxing the muscles and targeting specific areas most affected. For students, this often means tension in the shoulders and upper back from spending time hunched over books and computer screens. Help them get the rest they missed while studying and preparing for the end of the year – less pain and tension results in more restful nights. In turn, more rest can help relieve irritability and anxiety. Therapeutic massage is not just for recovering from physical activity. High school and university are both marathons in their own right, and after graduation your student could benefit greatly from the benefits that come from massage therapy.

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