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Scottsdale Promenade

Scottsdale Rd & Frank Lloyd Wright

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Words of Wellness

Elements Scottsdale Promenade - Massage and Flexibility

Elements Scottsdale Promenade - Massage and Flexibility

Elements Scottsdale Promenade

A number of factors can contribute to decreased flexibility, but the most common reasons today are sedentary lifestyles and aging. Without regular movement and use, joints can tighten and lose their flexibility, and aging only exacerbates this process. Moving becomes more difficult, and range of motion becomes restricted. Often, this leads to an increased chance of muscle injury during exercise or any kind of extended physical activity.

Massage therapy when paired with exercise is an excellent way to increased flexibility and range of motion. By working on muscles and connective tissues like ligaments and joints, therapeutic massages can relax the tissues and stimulate the production of natural lubricants that help joints and muscles move more freely. It also helps relax stressed muscles, and it can make exercise and movement easier overall, and it will help reduce the risk of serious muscle injury. Stretching and exercising are two fantastic ways to increase overall health, and therapeutic massage can help make sure that you don’t injure yourself on the way to reaching your health goals.

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