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Reduce Stress Through Elements Therapeutic Massage for Optimum Health

Reduce Stress Through Elements Therapeutic Massage for Optimum Health

Most people think immediately of relaxation and stress relief when they think of massage, and that is certainly one of the benefits of receiving a massage from a trained therapist. Massage is often thought of as a relaxing special treat or indulgent escape, but massage therapy actually has more far reaching effects on body and spirit. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress can not only effect mood and behavior, but can have an effect on systems, organs and tissues throughout the body. In fact, there are numerous physical conditions that are linked to stress, and stress can further aggravate disease or injury.

The highly qualified massage therapists at Elements Therapeutic Massage-Scottsdale Promenade provide an effective way to combat and release stress, as well as providing clients with many positive physiological effects through various massage techniques. Whether using the soothing touch of a Therapeutic Swedish massage to relax and rejuvenate or releasing toxins through Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage, Elements therapists enhance their clients' overall health.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage is a highly effective technique that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Through deep tissue massage, the immune system can be enhanced and toxins are flushed from the body. Massage also increases circulation and stimulates the lymph system. This allows the body to more effectively move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and can improve the body's natural defense system for fighting off disease and illness. Massage also releases endorphins, which are the body's natural pain-killers. Endorphins aid in recovery, managing pain and maintaining an overall sense of well being in the body. This type of massage can benefit anyone who wants to maintain overall health, as well as those recovering from illness or dealing with chronic conditions. Elements therapists consult with their clients to integrate deep tissue massage with other massage therapies for maximum personalized health benefits.

For the physically active, Therapeutic Sports massage can be used before, during and after training and events to reduce injuries and alleviate tissue inflammation. This technique is effective for novice athletes, serious competitors, or those who are working out simply for health or weight loss. Sometimes those who are returning to regular physical activity or who have increased their workouts significantly can experience injury or discomfort. Exercise can result in stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. Sports massage can relax and soften overused muscles, while reducing cramping and muscle spasms. It can also increase joint flexibility. Trained massage therapists can target problem areas and injuries, allowing clients to successfully stay with their exercise routine and meet their training goals.

As Elements massage therapists use their specialized training and expertise to relieve physical tension and muscle stress, they are most likely releasing emotional stress as well. Elements Therapeutic Massage clients report not only relief of their physical symptoms, but the benefit of a relaxed and renewed spirit as well. They know that massage isn't just for occasional pampering, but is part of a regular routine of reducing stress and maintaining optimum health and well being.

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