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Emily (Level 3+) | Therapist

Massage Modalities I am Experienced in: Swedish, Lymphatic, Reflexology, Structural, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Sports, Neuromuscular, Stretching, Prenatal, Salt Stone, Aromatherapy and Cupping,  Specialties: Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Hips

Why I Became a Massage Therapist: I have always been interested in massage and the body. I have experienced a lot of major injuries and massage was a life saver. Knowing pain is helpful when assisting someone with their own pain. It definitely was a calling for me.

Philosophy on Healing: I truly believe in alternative health like massage, chiropractors, diet and exercise. I know first hand from personal experience as well as seeing results in my clientele over the past 5 years.

Places I have Lived: Mainly Arizona-(Kingman, Prescott, Flagstaff), also a small town in Wisconsin.

Interesting Facts About Me: I'm a musician, actress, and comedienne. I have a 3 legged cat.

In my other Life (Before I Found Massage Therapy) I was…  on track to becoming a psychologist, focusing on a psychosomatic form of research and therapy.

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