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14700 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd
Suite 153
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Same Day Appointments Available

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Runners and Massage

Runners and Massage

Elements Massage Scottsdale East

You may have noticed an uptick in people running along streets, on trails, or at your local gym. That’s because it is officially running season! While a popular activity year-round, most races including half and full marathons occur in early spring, making late winter the best time to train.

Depending upon what you are working towards, massage makes a great addition to any regular training routine as it can speed the recovery process, reduce any lingering muscle soreness, and facilitate healing if any injuries occur.

There are a great many different modalities in massage and selecting the right one for you and your needs require communication. At Elements Massage Scottsdale East, our team would love to talk to you about how your body feels, what areas are tight, what type of pressure you prefer, and what your goals of massage are. That way, we can deliver a truly therapeutic experience tailored to your individual situation.

More generally speaking, the forms of massage that prove most popular with avid runners include:

  • Swedish Massage
    A well known and gentle modality, Swedish massage incorporates long, flowing strokes and pressure to softly release muscle tension and boost blood flow. A great stress reliever, particularly in days leading up to a competition, this form of massage is a great way to relieve muscle stress without damaging muscles.
  • Trigger Point
    A targeted massage modality, trigger point massage is excellent in rooting out knots in muscles through the application of deep pressure. For runners, it’s a great tool for IT band tightness, hamstring or calf injuries and strains.
  • Deep Tissue
    This type of massage targets superficial and deeper layers of muscle. A great form of massage for runners, it can address the tight spots that exist among the body’s interconnected tissues due to repetition movement (like running!).
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