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Reducing the Stress of Getting Through Finals

Jun 20, 2014

As summer settles in and academic years wrap up in the last few parts of the country, stress levels for both students and their parents can be elevated as everyone is crunched for time studying for finals, finishing class projects and preparing for all of the activities associated with the end of school. To help manage this commonly stressful school transition time, parents and...

Five Daily Tips to Thrive Therapeutically

Jun 3, 2014

As the stress of work, family, relationships and personal obligations pile up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that goes on in your daily life. Before you know it, you can get caught up in a vicious cycle of negative feelings, habits and attitudes.To keep your emotional and physical health grounded, it can be helpful to maintain a healthy perspective by focusing...

Gardening: Good for Your Soul, but Potentially Tough on Your Body

May 21, 2014

After being cooped up inside after the long winter months, May most often signals longer hours of sunlight, warmer temperatures and the kickoff to gardening season.Before rolling up your sleeves and digging your hands into the fresh spring soil, the following tips can help you prepare your mind and body for planting and pruning a bountiful summer garden.To Truly Blossom, Start...

Soothe Mom, Baby with Relaxing Prenatal Massage

May 2, 2014

Pregnancies can be a wonderful, life-changing experience for both parents.  But the process of growing a healthy baby can put a lot of stress on a mother’s mind and body. And if a mother is stressed out or is feeling physically tense during a pregnancy, the baby can be directly affected by the emotions and physical discomfort that can occur.To help soothe mom and baby...

Uncover Layers of Stress, Tension with Deep Tissue Massage

Apr 26, 2014

You often don’t think about your muscles until you feel a sharp pain radiate from them or you wake up feeling stiff and sore. Your muscles, though, are active living tissues that need to be cared for and maintained on a routine basis to ensure overall health and wellness.When the health of your muscles is compromised by physical or mental tension and stress, it can be beneficial...

Relax, Repair, Rejuvenate with Swedish Massage Therapy

Apr 15, 2014

Swedish massage is one of the most well-known massage techniques in the industry, but it may not always get the credit it deserves when it comes to repairing and rejuvenating both your mind and body. Often overshadowed by the more in-depth and specific modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage, Swedish massage techniques have pioneered the power of touch...

Stay in the Game with Sports Massage Therapy

Apr 13, 2014

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, sports activity can jar your joints, max your muscles and exhaust your energy. If you don’t take the time to prepare and recover your mind and body for competition, you’ll find difficulty in reaching your performance potential and accomplishing your sports activity goals.By incorporating regular sports...

Unlock the Knots with Trigger Point Massage

Apr 2, 2014

The body is a matrix of intertwined muscles, joints and tendons. Trigger point therapy taps into the body’s internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress. Everybody has trigger points, but whether they’re activated or not can depend on if an area has undergone trauma, stress, overuse or injury. When...

Being Aware Leads to Taking Care of Your Body

Mar 21, 2014

Being a parent, employee, fitness-minded individual and consumer in today’s technology-driven society can take a toll on your body as you bounce around from role to role throughout your day. Your body is your biggest tool and its health plays a huge significance in the quality and longevity of your life.If you don’t take care of your body each day and continually...

Four Tips to Maximize Your Massage Experience

Mar 5, 2014

You know you’ve had a disappointing massage experience when you leave a session feeling mentally and physically dissatisfied.  Whether you had a hard time relaxing because of too many thoughts running through your mind or you weren’t comfortable with the therapist’s massage approach, the room temperature, music selection or lighting, there are many internal...

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