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What to Expect During a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

What to Expect During a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan rock salt is known to have a ton of benefits. For cooking, they add unparalleled flavor and nutrients. As lamps, they cleanse and deodorize the air, promoting all sorts of positive health effects. But have you ever considered what a Himalayan salt stone massage is like?

What It’s Like to Get a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Similar to Hot Stone Massage Therapy

If you’ve ever received hot stone therapy, you’ll find that a Himalayan salt stone massage is rather similar. The hot stone modality uses warm, smooth rocks made of basalt to work the client’s body, as opposed to Himalayan salt rocks.

Both rocks are about equally as smooth, but clients report that they can feel the minerals of Himalayan salt being absorbed into their bodies in addition to the soothing glide of the stone.

Trigger Points May Be Hit

Incorporating Himalayan salt rocks into a trigger point massage session provides unbelievable pain relief.

When you let your licensed massage therapist know about the places on your body that cause you the most discomfort, they’ll be able to target them with extra care, providing you with deep levels of release. The warm, moist heat of the stones proves to be extremely calming for inflamed muscles and trigger points.

Unparalleled Cleanliness

Elements of Rockville Centre goes to great lengths to ensure every Himalayan salt stone is extremely clean. We use special sanitizing spray to wipe down each stone, then place them in a UV-light cabby to make sure our valued clients receive a top-of-the-line experience every time.

Moisturized and Softened Skin

With 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts that replenish the body’s largest organ, the skin, you’ll feel your skin radiating during a Himalayan salt stone session. These salts and minerals are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, which helps to eliminate harmful toxins that build up in your body.

As the session progresses, your skin will become tangibly softer and more moisturized.

Post-Massage Benefits

After your session is said and done, you’ll likely experience the following:

  • Improved sleep
  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Easier breathing
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Glowing, healthy skin

Like all other modalities, the benefits of Himalayan salt stone massage are compounded when you receive it on a routine basis. If you have any questions regarding this method of massage, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at Elements of Rockville Centre!

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