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What is an Integrative Reflexology Massage, and is it Right for me?

What is an Integrative Reflexology Massage, and is it Right for me?

By merging the extraordinary healing powers of reflexology and massage therapy, it’s no surprise that integrative reflexology massage has become a favorite among Elements of Rockville Centre customers. Here are the reasons as to why.

What is an Integrative Reflexology Massage?

An integrative reflexology massage combines reflexology with massage therapy, and can only be performed by a licensed massage therapist who has undergone intensive training.

Reflexology is a therapeutic practice based on the principle that there are small clusters of nerves known as reflex zones in the hands, feet and ears that are connected to specific organs and muscle groups. Reflexologists will apply pressure to these reflex zones to stimulate a response in other parts of your body. For example, the balls of your feet are connected to your lungs, and will improve respiration when stimulated correctly.

A key difference between regular reflexology and integrative reflexology massage is that the latter is a form of massage therapy. Thus, integrative reflexology focuses on the manipulation of soft tissue, while reflexology is just the application of pressure to reflex zones.

What are the Benefits of Integrative Reflexology?

Stress Relief

Like other modalities, integrative reflexology massage provides profound relief from stress and anxiety. During the session, you’ll find yourself breathing deeply, which will leave you walking out the door feeling relaxed.

Eased Muscular Tension

If you’re stressed out, it’s likely that your muscles are overly tense, even if you don’t realize it. The stress relief you experience from integrative reflexology will also ease physical tension in your body.

Reduced Swelling

There are numerous reasons your feet and ankles may be swollen, ranging from lymphatic buildup to pregnancy. Integrative reflexology is great for reducing swelling in problem areas.

Note: if you’re experiencing swelling due to an infection or a chronic disease, you should most likely abstain from receiving massage therapy. Always check in with your primary healthcare physician first.

Improved Bodily Functions

Since reflex zones are connected to other areas of the body, integrative reflexology can improve the following:

  • Respiration
  • Circulation
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Cognition

Sinus Drainage

Many clients report the clearance of their sinuses as a result of integrative reflexology, often during the session. Thus, it’s recommended that you enter the massage room with some tissues, just in case.

If your sinuses are clogged due to a contagious virus or disease such as a cold, Elements of Rockville Centre asks that you please refrain from receiving massage therapy to prevent your massage therapist from getting sick.


Integrative reflexology is a popular form of pediatric massage because it provides a considerable boost in immune function and digestion. It has also been reported to minimize the symptoms of ADHD.

Clearly, there are quite a few reasons to get an integrative reflexology massage. If it sounds appealing to you, give it a try the next time you receive a massage!

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Disclaimer: Elements of Rockville Centre is not an organization of healthcare professionals. All authoritative claims in this blog have been linked to their sources. 

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