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What is a Trigger Point Massage?

What is a Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger points, also known as muscle knots, are patches of contracted muscle fibers. They’re stiff, painful and can even lead to other muscle knots in surrounding areas. One of the top remedies for these uncomfortable aches is a trigger point massage.

What Causes Trigger Points?

The cause of muscle knots is known as muscular overload. This makes it sound as if it’s a problem specific to athletes and weightlifters who overexert their muscles while trying to lift too much weight. However, you can develop trigger points for all sorts of reasons, ranging from muscle tension to poor diet.

Even people who do very little physical activity, such as those who sit at a desk all day for work, are prone to muscle knots. Another common cause is antalgic postural overload. In plain words, that means when you hold your body in a certain position to avoid pain—like when you keep your head tilted to one side because it makes a sore neck less painful—another injury develops.

Trigger points are particularly pesky because if you have one that goes untreated, it may produce others. Lower back pain may cause upper back pain, which causes shoulder pain, which causes neck pain. Having several muscle knots at once is miserably painful, yet sadly common.

What is a Trigger Point Massage?

A trigger point massage targets and manipulates the source of pain in order to alleviate it. The massage therapist will use their fingers to apply pressure on and around the trigger point to break it down. Since direct pressure may be applied to a muscle knot, this type of massage could be a bit uncomfortable for the recipient.

Clients who have received a trigger point massage may experience some tenderness in the problem area for a few days after, but it won’t be excruciating. Trigger point therapy, like other types of massages, ultimately has deep healing properties. Recipients of this type of massage at Elements Rockville Centre have felt so relieved that they’ve been able to move painful muscles in ways they haven’t in a while.

What Kind of Conditions Can It Relieve?

In addition to helping dissolve muscle knots, these massages can help treat common muscular injuries such as:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

When done by a professional, licensed massage therapist, trigger point therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate muscle pain. Its benefits far outweigh the few days of slight discomfort you may experience post-massage.

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