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Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
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Jet Lag Cures: Dos and Don’ts for your Next Trip

Jet Lag Cures: Dos and Don’ts for your Next Trip

There’s nothing like a summer getaway to escape stress and see a beautiful new place. However, there’s also nothing like feeling absolutely awful when you cross into a different time zone. With these jet lag cures, you can mitigate that.

4 Natural Jet Lag Cures

1. Bright Light

Sunlight (or a portable lightbox, if necessary) is one of the best jet lag cures. Your body’s sleep cycle is heavily regulated by light, and you can use it to shift your circadian rhythms back to normal.

Essentially, you can trick your body into having more energy by basking in light either before, during or after your flight, depending on your destination.

2. Melatonin

Some people mistake melatonin for a sleep aid, but it’s actually a natural hormone that regulates your body’s internal clock. It helps you anticipate the onset of darkness, signaling to your body that it’s time to go to sleep soon.

Just small doses can help you sleep restfully through your first night in a different time zone.

3. Exercise

Exercise may be the LAST thing you want to do on a vacation that’s meant to be relaxing. However, a brisk jog or gym session can help your body adjust to the new time zone you’re staying in. Also, exercise in general helps you sleep better, whether you’re on vacation or not.

4. Warm Baths

Right before bedtime, take a warm bath or shower to promote drowsiness and fall asleep more easily. Increased body temperatures before bed signal your circadian rhythms to kick in and make your sleepier, just like the other jet lag cures on this list.

3 Things that are NOT Jet Lag Cures

1. Coffee and Alcohol

Although this is not so much a jet lag cure as it is a preventative measure, it’s highly recommended that you avoid coffee and alcohol on the airplane and during your first day of vacation.

Elements of Rockville Centre understands just as well as anyone how tempting it is to try and recharge with a latte or unwind with a cocktail after a long flight, but fight those impulses! They’ll make it much harder for you to sleep, and you’ll feel even worse the next day.

2. Heavy Meals

Resist the urge to eat heavy before or after your flight. Flying has a strange effect on your body’s ability to digest food, which may throw your energy levels off.

Instead, eat light, protein rich foods to steady your energy levels.

3. Sleeping Right Away

No matter how tempting it may be to pass out as soon as you reach your destination, make yourself stay awake until a reasonable bedtime. If you get to your destination at 2 p.m. then fall asleep until 9 p.m., it will be a nightmare to adapt during your vacation.

Do you know of any other jet lag cures?

Disclaimer: Elements of Rockville Centre is not an organization of healthcare professionals. All authoritative claims in this blog have been linked to their sources.

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