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How to Get Motivated to Make a Healthy Lifestyle Change

How to Get Motivated to Make a Healthy Lifestyle Change

When it’s time to make a serious lifestyle change, most people don’t have a problem seeing that. It’s finding the motivation to make the adjustment that’s the problem. But with these tips, you can stay focused on your goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Why you’ve Struggled to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Change in the Past

Correct us if we’re wrong, but the reason you can’t stick to a major lifestyle change most likely stems from one of the following:

  • You fear adjusting
  • You don’t want to be uncomfortable
  • You’re afraid to fail
  • You don’t have time
  • You’re too much of a perfectionist
  • You’re overwhelmed
  • You don’t know how

Those are all very fair reasons to be discouraged from achieving your goals. But the fact of the matter is, they’re not good enough reasons. At their core, they’re excuses. And you’ve got to learn how to quit making excuses and start taking action!

6 Steps to Minimizing Excuses

1. Accepting your Desire

The fact that you understand you need to make an alteration to your life is more important than you think. It already signals you’ve got a bit of motivation to do so.

Give yourself a pat on the back for identifying this desire to make a change. Then, keep it at the forefront of your mind as you seek to reach your goal.

2. Setting the Stage

Now it’s time to set aside a small block of time to start your transformation. If you want to exercise more, are you going to do it before or after work? If you want a new job, when are you going to work on your resume and send out applications?

Without scheduling the time in advance, it’s easy to fall into the habit of waiting around for good things to come to you. And we all know, nothing is just going to fall into your lap.

3. Find a Support System

Whether it’s your friends, family, significant or coworkers, recruit a few people to cheer you on after successes and hold you accountable for failures. It will keep the fire inside of you burning, since it’s psychologically proven to help you reach success.

4. Track your Progress

Keep an honest journal of your accomplishments and setbacks—don’t embellish when you do well, and don’t downplay your mishaps. It will force you to commit to your goal, and may even help you discover issues that cause you to get off track.

5. Reward yourself Properly

Rewarding yourself for achievements makes all your hard work and effort feel worthwhile. However, learning what to reward yourself with proves to be a challenge. Junk food is no good for obvious reasons, and many people feel guilty after a little retail therapy.

Elements of Rockville Centre recommends a massage, and not just because we’re trying to sell you our service. It’s because the benefits of massage range from mental relaxation to physical rejuvenation—both of which can help you make your lifestyle change, regardless of what it is.

6. Take Action

Now you know what you must to do to begin your transition, so why not get started? Even if it’s something small, like Googling local gyms or calling your friend to ask them to hold you accountable, go for it. Following up each small action with another one is how change comes about!

No matter what type of lifestyle change you seek to make, remember, it starts with you. Be fearless, and start taking steps to live your best, healthiest life!

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