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Feng Shui Colors and Baguas for Beginners

Feng Shui Colors and Baguas for Beginners

Have you ever walked into a building and immediately felt some sort of emotion? That’s thanks, in large part, to the energy fostered by its color scheme. With the right feng shui colors and arrangements, you can turn your home into a sanctuary of positive energy.

What is a Feng Shui Bagua?

Before jumping into the meaning of feng shui colors, let’s first explain baguas. Bagua, which literally translates from Chinese into “eight directions,” is one of the main tools used in feng shui theory. It’s used to map out how certain areas of your home are connected to specific aspects of your life.

For the purposes of this blog, Elements of Rockville Centre will focus on the classical bagua school, which is based on compass directions. You’ll need to use a compass to take an accurate reading of your home to fully reap the benefits.

Here’s what each direction is connected to:

  • North: career
  • Northeast: spiritual growth
  • East: health
  • Southeast: money
  • South: fame
  • Southwest: love and marriage
  • West: creativity
  • Northwest: helpful people

Feng Shui Colors: what each Element Means


The fire feng shui element, which is made up of reds, oranges and yellows, boosts passion, energy and inner warmth.

It’s best used in the South bagua, and often used as an accent in the Northeast and Southwest baguas as well.


Upon walking into Elements of Rockville Centre, you’ll notice that the lobby and massage rooms are decorated largely with beige and sandy earth tones. This fosters nourishment, relaxation and inner stability in both our clients and our licensed massage therapists.

Earth is the main feng shui element of the Northeast and Southwest bagua, as well as the center of your home.


White and gray feng shui colors belong to the element of metal, bringing sharpness, precision and mental clarity.

Metal corresponds to the North. Northwest and West bagua areas. It’s typically found in home offices due to its tendency to improve mental focus and productivity.


Blue and black, some of the most commonly used feng shui colors, make up the water element. A strong water element will bring a sense of calm, ease and freshness to any room. Water also has a symbolic tie to abundances of wealth in ancient Chinese history.

The North, East and Southeast bagua areas of your home will benefit from the water element.


The final element, wood, consists of greens and browns, and is also among the dominate feng shui colors found in Elements of Rockville Centre. That’s because wood hues contribute to vibrant health and vitality, which we take very seriously.

Wood is the main element of the East and Southeast baguas of your home. The South bagua can also benefit from a strong wood presence.

While it may not bring about immediate, obvious changes, incorporating feng shui colors in your home can transform its energy for the better.

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