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Elements of RVC and Bellmore-Merrick is Now Hiring LMTs!

Elements of RVC and Bellmore-Merrick is Now Hiring LMTs!

When asking current Licensed Massage Therapists what it’s like working at Elements of Rockville Centre and Bellmore-Merrick, the responses are nothing but glowing. There is no better place to work than Elements RVC. Between the management, the learning opportunities, and the atmosphere, the experience is unmatched. We are now hiring, find out from a few Licensed Massage Therapists just how great it is to work here.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists Explain Why You Should Join Our Team

What made you choose to become a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Jeanne: As a young girl I always liked to help other people and was very intrigued by the body and with health.

Susana: I made my decision 20 years ago. I’ve always wanted to be in the field of helping people.

Why did you specifically choose to work at Elements RVC?

Jeanne: During my interview process I liked the manager right away, she’s a wonderful manager, I highly recommend anyone to come work here.

Susana: The position looked like a great opportunity and seemed to be a great vibe and great place to work.

What’s the best part about working at Elements RVC?

Jeanne: I love going to work every day and working for my manager and the staff here, the clients are also great.

Susana: Everyone works together well. Their management is very organized, Licensed Massage Therapists are treated great, and it’s a positive place to work.

What have you learned about massages since you started working at Elements RVC?

Jeanne: Since working at Elements of RVC, I’ve become licensed in prenatal, hot stone, cupping and Himalayan stone. Working at Elements is a wonderful place to learn and grow, I love it here! I’ve learned so much from their own online school. You can take your own classes and all the teachers have a lot of knowledge of their work.

Susana: Through Elements RVC I’ve been able to take continuing education classes, fine-tune my Himalayan, hot stone and prenatal massages, take classes for head and neck treatment, and lower back pains all through websites and the online university.

In what ways has this job been rewarding for you?

Jeanne: Everything from learning to growing in my career and the knowledge that I have learned. The money you make is also nice.

Susana: Clients are so happy to see you and grateful for making them feel better.

What advice would you give to someone who may be nervous about getting a massage?

Jeanne: We are extremely up to-date with about keeping our studio healthy and cleaned. I would tell them that we always wear our masks when we work and it’s a fantastic place. I have high expectations about making every client happy.

Susana: Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

Can clients feel safe coming in even with COVID-19?

Jeanne: Everything is always clean. I feel very comfortable with COVID-19 because of the upgraded HVAC filters and medical grade air filters that keeps the air in each room very clear. We have to wear masks with the clients and a plastic shield over head as well so they don’t have any worries working there.

Elements RVC and Bellmore-Merrick is now hiring! Join our great family and find out for yourself how amazing it is to work with such a great group of people, both the staff and clients.


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