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8 Incredible Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist (Licensed, of course)

8 Incredible Benefits of Being a Massage Therapist (Licensed, of course)

At Elements of Rockville Centre, we know as well as anyone that being a massage therapist is deeply rewarding. For the sake of celebrating all of the wonderful licensed massage therapists out there, let’s revel in some of the benefits that come along with this career path.

8 Reasons Why Being a Massage Therapist is so Rewarding

1. Helping Others

When you ask a licensed massage therapist why they do what they do, almost every single one will say that they love to help other people destress and heal.

Whether your clients come to you to treat chronic pain conditions or just to relax after a rough week (likely a mixture of both), you’re doing them an extremely important service. The sense of gratification that comes from knowing your hands can heal people naturally is eternally satisfying.

2. Meeting Interesting and Inspiring New People

Massage therapists will treat hundreds, possibly thousands, of different clients throughout the course of their careers. Getting to know them and hearing their stories beats the monotony of working a regular desk job by far.

Not only do you meet great clients, you meet other massage therapists, who care just as much about health and wellness as you. This grants you the opportunity to learn new things from like-minded experts.

3. Virtually Unlimited Skill Potential

Most massage therapists will specialize in one or two modalities when they’re fresh out of school, but as they progress, they’ll likely develop expertise in several. It’s remarkable to see how incredibly skilled licensed massage therapists become after practicing for several years.

4. Less Stress

Being a massage therapist at a studio that focuses singularly on massage gives you the opportunity to do what you do best all day long. No need to answer ringing phones, sell products or report to a nagging boss. Your only concern is providing the best possible experience for your clients.

5. Understanding of the Human Body

You only have one body to live in, so it makes sense to understand it, right? Because of your formal training in massage therapy school, you have knowledge of human anatomy and physiology rivaled only by medical doctors and individuals with PhDs.

Your deep understanding of the human body helps you on your own path to health and wellness, making it truly invaluable.

6. Professional Licensure

The moment all of those classroom hours and written examinations pay off, when you successfully gain licensure as a massage therapist, is one you’ll never forget.

7. Job Security

Natural healing methods will always be in demand, especially now that health and wellness have become such popular subjects. As a licensed massage therapist, you’ll never have to worry about your job becoming obsolete because of how valuable it is.

8. Work-Life Balance

Due to the physically demanding nature of being a massage therapist, you’re most likely not expected to work more than 35 to 40 hours in a week. This affords you the opportunity to do other things that you love outside of work, whether it’s dedicating yourself to your hobbies, your family or even an additional source of income.

Being a massage therapist is awesome, but it’s even better when you work for an employer who truly values your growth, development and success as a professional. At Elements of Rockville Centre, we provide all of our licensed massage therapists with the tools they need to succeed, and we just so happen to be hiring! You can apply online right here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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