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9 Healthy Summer Recipes You’ve Got to Try

9 Healthy Summer Recipes You’ve Got to Try

With warm weather comes farmers’ markets, seasonal produce, fresh seafood and barbecues. You know what that means. It’s about time to break out the summer recipes, and Elements of Rockville Centre has some healthy ones for you!

9 Divine Summer Recipes

1. Baja-Style Rosemary Chicken Skewers

Chicken is great for the summer because of how grill-friendly it is. Season a few chicken thighs with rosemary, skewer them and throw them on the barbecue for a flavorful, lean summertime meal.

Get the recipe here.

2. Roasted Corn with Basil-Shallot Vinaigrette

This tasty side dish may sound complicated to make, but it just involves tossing the ingredients together and baking. You can serve it hot or cold, making it a wonderful choice to bring to a barbecue. Just be prepared for everyone to ask how you made it. It’s that good.

See the recipe here

3. Kale Caesar Salad

With plenty of leafy greens and savory flavor, this energy-packed kale Caesar salad is ideal for lunchtime at the office. Even if you’re not a kale fan, give it a try. The dressing, which consists of mustard, hummus, garlic and more, totally masks that strange kale aftertaste.

Find the recipe here

4. Black Bean and Sweetcorn Guacamole Dip

For those lazy days spent lounging around the pool or lying on the beach, it’s tough to beat chips and dip. Your taste buds will thank you for this fresh spin on traditional guacamole.

Recipe available here.

5. Zucchini Chicken Alfredo

This dish substitutes carbs with veggies, but it doesn’t sacrifice any flavor. Especially if you grow your own zucchini or buy it fresh from a local farmers’ market, you’ve got yourself a nutritious meal that’s not too heavy for the hot weather.

Here’s the recipe.

6. Thai Shrimp Stir-Fry

No list of summer recipes is complete without a seafood dish or two (spoiler alert: the next one features salmon). By combining the flavor of fresh shrimp and the ease of preparing a stir-fry, this dish is sure to become a favorite of yours.

Check out the recipe here.

7. Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde

This salmon boasts a sweet-and-salty yet refreshing finish that’s ideal for a warm summer night. You can even isolate the salsa portion for dipping chips.

The recipe can be found here.

8. Lemon Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Elements of Rockville Centre would never neglect dessert options, and lemon raspberry frozen yogurt is one of the best. Plus, it only takes about five minutes to make.

Try the recipe here.

9. Lighter Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie

For some people, dessert just isn’t dessert unless there’s chocolate involved. We understand, which is why we included this light yet rich-tasting pie that requires minimal effort to prepare.

Read the recipe here.

We hope you’ll make use of these tasty summer recipes in the coming months! If we forgot any of your favorites, please share them with us! We’d love to try them!

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