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7 Relaxing Outdoor Activities for the Warm Weather

7 Relaxing Outdoor Activities for the Warm Weather

As we move from an unusually cool, rainy, dreary Long Island spring into the summer, it’s a safe bet that the weather will finally warm up. And that means it’s time to get ready for all sorts of outdoor activities.

7 Top Outdoor Activities for the Summer

1. The Beach

You’re lucky enough to live on Long Island. It’s a crime not to take advantage of the beach.

With an entry fee of just $10 per vehicle, Jones Beach and Robert Moses are perfect for seaside excursions all summer long. Bring a blanket, a book and some snacks, and you’ve got yourself a stress-free day. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

2. Barbecue/Picnic

Not many things are better than good food and good friends in the great outdoors. If burgers and hotdogs aren’t your favorite, prepare some healthy meals instead. Options liked grilled chicken and vegetables taste great and are guilt-free!

3. Hiking

Though hiking doesn’t sound relaxing, it’s an activity that’s beneficial for both the mind and body. You don’t necessarily have to trek through the mountainous trails of upstate New York (although they do provide incredible views!). Instead, consider a trip to your local park, or even the seaside paths of Long Island’s East End.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a great stress buster regardless of where you do it, but bringing your mat out into the fresh air makes it even more relaxing. Whether you practice outdoor yoga independently or find a local “Yoga in the Park” class, it’s worth a try this summer.

5. Weekend Getaway

Long Islanders are fortunate not only for their close proximity to some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches, but for being within driving distance of several top vacation destinations. Whether you head to New York City or Fire Island, upstate or out-of-state, there are plenty of weekend getaways to experience this summer.

6. Concerts

As far as outdoor activities that are unique to Long Island, it’s hard to beat concerts at Jones Beach Theater. With the summer sky overhead and beautiful Zach’s Bay as a backdrop, it comes as no surprise that the amphitheater fills up quickly. See all of this summer’s concerts here.

It’s important to note, however, that Jones Beach is not the only place you can catch an outdoor concert on Long Island. There are plenty of other shows scheduled to be held in various towns this summer, and many of them are free.

7. Start a New Hobby

If you’ve ever wanted to begin a new hobby, Elements of Rockville Centre recommends doing so during the summer. Outdoor activities like cycling, surfing and gardening are complemented wonderfully by the warm summer sun. Once you’ve made your new hobby into a routine, it will become therapeutic for you.

We hope these outdoor activities help you make this summer a relaxing one. If we left out any of your favorites, feel free to share them with us!

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