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7 Mindful Eating Tips for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

7 Mindful Eating Tips for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

As much as we all look forward to spending Thanksgiving with our loved ones and eating tons of delicious food, we know how guilty some people feel afterwards. This Thanksgiving, practice these mindful eating tips to feel better about yourself and enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

A Judgment-Free Thanksgiving

Before getting into our list of mindful eating tips, Elements of Rockville Centre would like to remind you that it’s completely normal to overeat on Thanksgiving. If you find that the apple pie is simply too good not to have another piece, don’t get too down on yourself.

It’s a holiday, and you should enjoy it. Everybody cheats on their diet from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

7 Useful Mindful Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

1. Be Reflective and Thankful

You will most likely be surrounded by family and friends on Thanksgiving. Engage in conversation (without talking with your mouth full, of course) around the table and be consciously thankful for it. This will help you eat more slowly, rather than filling up plate after plate consecutively.

2. Don’t Feed your Boredom

Maybe the people you’re gathering with on Thanksgiving aren’t the most exciting bunch. That’s okay. If you find yourself snacking relentlessly, ask yourself whether or not you’re just eating out of boredom.

3. Savor the Flavors

Thanksgiving food is seriously amazing. You will savor turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots—and all of the dessert, of course. Chew slowly and enjoy all of the delicious things you’re eating.

Eating more slowly has been linked to better overall health and decreases overeating. It’s a healthy habit to carry beyond Thanksgiving.

4. Go Green

Filling your plate with vegetables and opting for smaller portions of heavier, starchier foods like rolls and potatoes enables you to eat plenty of delicious food without having to face the bloating and guilt.

5. Grab a Smaller Plate

One mindful eating tip that is often overlooked is the power of a smaller-sized plate. Our eyes are usually bigger than our stomachs, and small plates force us to control our portions.

6. Wash it down with Water

One of the biggest culprits of post-Thanksgiving dinner bloating is not just overeating, but drinking too much. Soda, juice and alcohol are huge causes of bloating, which makes you feel even guiltier, because your stomach may appear larger.

We’re all in favor of letting loose with a few drinks, but sticking with water will make you feel best when all is said and done. Hydration may also help curb your appetite, preventing you from eating too much.

7. Actually Eat

In order to practice mindful eating, you must actually eat! Don’t force yourself to avoid all food. All of the delicious aromas floating around might make you crack eventually, and you’re more likely to binge eat that way.

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you can avoid antacids and a Black Friday food hangover by using these tips.

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