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5 Ways Parents can Relieve Back to School Stress

5 Ways Parents can Relieve Back to School Stress

Between buying supplies, getting the kids to school on time and ensuring their grades are up to par, September can be overwhelming for many parents. Finding balance is nearly impossible, but Elements of Rockville Centre has several surefire tips to keep back to school stress at a minimum, no matter how hectic things may get.

5 Tips for Mitigating Back to School Stress

1. Know the Red Flags of Stress

In the midst of all the back to school chaos, you might not even recognize the warning signs your body is sending you about how tense you are. Some common, hidden signs of stress are:

  • Tight/achy jaw
  • Headaches
  • Strange dreams
  • Broken out/itchy skin
  • Worsened allergies
  • Sleeplessness

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, it’s likely that you’re a bit more on edge than you realize.

2. Keep up with your Exercise Routine

Since you’re busy taking care of so many other things, it’s easy to cut back on exercising in order to make time for everything else.

However, working out less can mean more than a bit of weight gain. Even a short period of time spent not exercising can begin causing changes to your brain, particularly the regions responsible for stress and memory. Thus, it’s essential to make time for physical activity, no matter how busy your schedule is.

3. Preparing Ahead of Time

One good thing about the back to school season is that it provides structure around which you can plan your days. This may mean waking up a bit earlier to get breakfast started or preparing outfits for the week each Sunday night.

Remember to maintain a bit of flexibility in your planning. Unforeseen circumstances may arise, and if you don’t leave any wiggle room, you’ll become even more stressed.

4. Get a Massage

This is more than shameless self-promotion by Elements of Rockville Centre. The experience of getting a massage, from entering the relaxing environment of the studio, to receiving personalized treatment, to walking out feeling more refreshed than ever, is one of the top self-care methods you can practice.

5. Make Sure the Kids are Alright

If the kids are having a rough time at school, life at home will probably be affected. Always try to keep an open line of communication with them. Take a few minutes each and every day to talk about their schoolwork, their extracurricular activities and their friends. Making sure they’re happy will provide you with some peace of mind.

Getting into the swing of things is certainly an adjustment, but before you know it, all of that back to school chaos will become routine.

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