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5 Hidden Signs of Stress You May Be Unaware Of

5 Hidden Signs of Stress You May Be Unaware Of

Overwhelming anxiety, inability to focus, nights spent lying awake for hours. You already know the typical stress indicators. But how familiar are you with these hidden signs of stress?

5 Telling Signs of Stress

Itchy and Broken-Out Skin

People who find themselves constantly scratching their skin or breaking out for no obvious reason may be more overwhelmed than they think. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s one of the first to react to stress.

Those who are prone to skin conditions may find that they worsen while they’re feeling uneasy. Too much scratching may also lead to the outbreak of new rashes and acne in people who normally don’t have them. For people who experience skin issues as a result of anxiety, Elements of Rockville Centre recommends dry brushing, which both reduces anxiety and calms the skin.

Sore Jaw

Teeth grinding is one of the hardest signs of stress to detect because it usually occurs during sleep. However, it’s possible to know if you’re grinding your teeth if you have jaw pain. Also, someone in your home may alert you to the fact that you’ve been grinding your teeth because it produces a loud, unpleasant noise.

Mouth guards serve as an effective short-term solution for teeth grinding, but the best way to treat it is eliminate stress at the source.

Worse Allergies

Studies have shown that stress causes the body to have exaggerated responses to allergens. So, if in the presence of something you’re allergic to you bust into a sneezing fit and are covered in hives, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Weekend Migraines

Most people experience peak stress levels during the work week. If your weekends are plagued by crippling headaches, the reason is probably because you’re anxious. Abrupt drops in stress levels can cause migraines. So, when you wake up carefree on Saturday morning after a rough work week, there’s a good chance that a pounding headache is on its way.

There are a number of treatments for those pesky weekend pains, including waking up at the same time and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Memory Lapses

Difficulty remembering things is one of the most striking signs of stress. Unaddressed anxiety affects the part of the brain responsible for memory, and can even have a long-lasting impact on your cognitive ability.

While they’re effective, the remedies mentioned previously are only useful in the short-term. For long-term elimination of strain, consider making some lifestyle changes that will remove tension. Also, never forget about the calming power of regular massage, in which Elements of Rockville Centre are experts!

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