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Deep Tissue Massage Richland

Deep Tissue Massage Richland


Elements Therapeutic Massage Richland is not just a place for a massage, but a place to get the right massage for your body and your needs. Differing from traditional Swedish massage, Deep Tissue increases pressure to muscles in an attempt to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure and friction.

Deep Tissue Massage works on loosening stressed muscles. Under stress, muscles block oxygen and nutrients from proper circulation and lead to inflammation that builds up toxins in muscle tissues. Techniques such as slower, stronger strokes across the grain of the muscle and deeper pressure to areas help perpetuate increased circulation. Many benefits are attributed to increased circulation in the body from reduced stress, increased sleep, pain relief, and important to muscles, the release of toxins from worked and strained muscles.

As Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage works to do more for the body than relaxation alone, it can also be helpful in the elimination of scar tissue by breaking up the tissue and increasing blood circulation to the area to help restore normal movement. Through stretching of muscles to release tension, Deep Tissue massage helps encourage the body to return to its natural state of alignment, helping to improve posture.

The increased pressure of a Deep Tissue Massage has immediate affects and impacts. As the therapist works to release muscle tension, the massage will be more uncomfortable than a Swedish massage and you may be sore the next day. All Elements therapists are trained in working with the client to assess the proper massage for each person. At the conclusion of the massage you may be instructed to apply ice to massaged areas. All massages should be followed by drinking a lot of water, this is necessary to help flush the lactic acid out of the tissues. The soreness you may feel after an effective Deep Tissue massage corresponds to the waste products flushed out of the tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage not only relaxes, but also works to stimulate, condition and heal the body. It is important to remember that 1 massage is not going to restore the body to a natural state. Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage should be integrated as part of a wellness program.

At Elements Therapeutic Massage Richland, each massage is individually customized to best fit your health and wellness regimen. Contact us to book an appointment with a Deep Tissue Specialist.

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