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Careers at Elements Massage™

Elements Massage™ studios are proud to demonstrate the same level of commitment to their employees as they do for their clients. Follow The Elements Way® to your new rewarding career path.


* This is not an offer of employment by Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates (“ETMI”). ETMI is not involved in, and is not responsible for, employment and personnel matters and decisions made by any Elements Massage™ franchise owner. Benefits vary by independently owned and operated Elements Massage™ studio.

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Be Part of Something Special!

We have been open for 5 years and are the Tri-Cities Highest Quality and Busiest Therapeutic Massage Practice.  We are Searching for Therapists committed to Improving the Quality of Life of our Clients!

Contact us today to schedule a visit at our brand new 10 room facility and visit with any of our therapists to learn more about what makes us unique.  This includes a free massage during your visit!

Here are some Facts:

1.  Our current team consists of 17 Therapists with an average of 6+ years experience and have been with us an average of almost 3 years.  Most have worked elsewhere and believe we are the most "Therapist Friendly" environment.

2.  Our Therapists schedules are 90% filled every week.

3.  We turn away over 150 appointments each month.  That means clients available for you to treat.

4.  Our Therapists are paid to participate in at least 3 workshops each year.  Our June workshop will be held at the WSU Cadaver Lab.

5.  We are committed to your professional development and pay you to be certified in Cupping and Hot Stones.  Our Therapists are eager to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

6.  We operate a "Drama Free Zone" based on respect and belief in our purpose to "Change Lives."

7.  Our new studio has been designed with the need of our Therapists in mind including a very large breakroom, 4 hand washing stations, hydraulic tables, sound masking system and added insulation and all the supplies you need for treatment.

I could go on and on but would rather you hear directly from our Therapists.  So if this sounds like it might be right for you, I encourate you to schedule a visit.  Just in case you still aren't sure, below are comments from one of our Therapists.

Nancy  (Elements since May, 2012)

At Elements we have a very serene environment with less outside noise distractions.  Having the calming atmosphere starts at the door and allows my clients to begin their relaxation as soon as they walk through the door and continue throughout the massage.

Working at Elements allows me to work side-by-side with so many wonderful and talented massage therapists.  We trade, at minimum, once monthly and that becomes a learning experience for us all.  I have had the oppportunity to take part in creating and teaching workshops at our 3 Elements Studios (Richland, Spokane Valley and Coeur d'Alene).  That process was a wonderful learning experience for myself as well as the other therapists involved.

Being as busy as I am at Elements I have become a much more fluid therapist.  I have become much more efficient at customizing each individual massage based on my client's needs.  My confidence as a well-rounded therapist has grown tremendously.

As a therapist at Elements I feel respected and valued by my employer.  Our studio owner and studio manager have both gone above and beyond for me in so many ways it would be nealy impossible to fit it all into a small paragraph.  It is wonderful to know that the owner of our studio started this business because he wanted to be part of something that is genuinely helping people.  Passion for helping the world become a better place is something I value.  That beind said, he makes it a point to hire other people who share that passion for helping others.  I love that we get together for team meetings and have motivational and thought provoking discussions at them.  I could go on and on about the reasons I love working at Elements.  In short, I stay at Elements because I love it here!

Please email me at to schedule a tour of our studio.