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Molly | Licensed Massage Therapist

Molly  received her massage training from KeKino Massage Academy.  Her favorite modalities are Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Energy Work.  She also has specialized training in Muscles Energy Techniques.  This is also known as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).  It is a way of “re-training” the muscles.

Molly believes that healing is a place of peace and balance.  It is the natural state of being for mind, body, and spirit.  She merely facilitates the natural process that is already ready to begin.

Before Molly found massage, she was a young college student finding her path in life.  Her travels have allowed her to see most of the Southern states including Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee.  Molly's imagination traveled much farther away as a kid!  She would love to visit Japan or India.  Molly loves any place with beautiful trees, wildlife, and an exotic culture.    

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