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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Elements Massage Red Mountain

One of our most popular massage modalities at Elements Massage Red Mountain is Sports Massage. For those looking for an enjoyable experience that accommodates a healthy and active lifestyle, this form of massage is a great way to improve athletic performance and facilitate quicker, post-activity recovery.

With the goal to provide a pain-free and therapeutic experience, the following movements are often used in this form of massage:

Direct Pressure
A massage therapist may apply direct pressure to an area of tension using a thumb or forefinger. Moderate pressure is used to try and relieve muscle knots or spasms. This can be slightly uncomfortable but should never be painful.

Your therapist may also assist you in facilitating stretches that can help loosen specific muscles and make your body more limber. Think of this as a sports trainer aiding you in stretching out tight muscles.

Cross Fiber Friction
This movement includes an application of deep pressure that goes against the direction of your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Most often this approach is used to restore tissue alignment or break of scar tissue.

Deep Massage
The main part of your sports massage focuses on the soft tissue structures of your body. A key ingredient in any successful massage is communication. Be sure to talk to your massage therapist about if the pressure and movements are right for you.

Sports massage is a great way to allow the body to restore proper alignment and functionality. It concentrates on specific areas of the body unique to your activities. Come give it a try today.

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