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Words of Wellness

Many Different Types of Emotional Wellness

Many Different Types of Emotional Wellness

Elements Massage Piney Creek

Since it’s National Emotional Wellness Month, our Elements Piney Creek studio wants to share with you the importance of the mind/body connection. Wellness is much more than just a physical state of being, it incorporates the different states of physical, mental, and spiritual beneath one umbrella. Let’s take a moment and explore the many different types of emotional wellness and their relevancy to nurturing your mind/body connection:

  • Physical Wellness
    Probably the most common type of wellness recognized in society is physical wellness, which involves everything from your exercise routine to what you eat. Nurturing your body with regular and challenging exercise as well as keeping up on periodic doctor check-ups are a major part of your overall wellness level.
  • Emotional Wellness
    The next slice of the pie, emotional wellness, includes your ability to relate to others and examine your own behavioral patterns in regards to emotions like sadness, anger, joy, happiness, and more. Being able to productively explore and reflect upon your natural reactions can do a lot to inform you more about yourself.
  • Intellectual Wellness
    This refers to your ability to accept and develop new ideas, improve upon existing skills, or seek out new challenges. Whether applied to individual pursuits or community interactions, intellectual wellness contributes to your desire to seek out mental stimulation and growth.
  • Social Wellness
    Being a socially well person means that you have the capacity to empathize, sympathize, and connect with other people. As social beings, social wellness is a huge factor in building positive relationships with your partner, friends, and colleagues.

Spiritual Wellness
Regardless of your belief system, spiritual wellness is more about harmony. By establishing inner peace, spiritual wellness can help other wellness categories unite with the understanding of common purpose.

This month, we invite you to take a moment and reflect upon your own life. What steps can you take to be more positive? Reduce your own stress? Or take better care of yourself and others around you?

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