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Happy Heart, Better Health

Happy Heart, Better Health

Elements Massage Piney Creek

Your cardiovascular system is a major player regarding your overall health and wellness. Taking the time to ensure your heart is happy and healthy is a central component in proper self care. In America, heart disease is actually the leading cause of death. Now is the time to make changes to prevent against disease and other cardiovascular issues. Here’s how you can take positive steps towards giving your heart a helping hand:

-Quit Smoking

As a highly addictive habit, smoking wrecks terrible havoc on your health. By harming nearly every organ in your body, smoking can interfere with heart function, cause structural damage, and impact how efficient your blood vessels work. Not to mention, it can also dangerously raise your blood pressure. Quitting this habit is the number one thing you can do for your heart today!

-Eat Healthy

Next on the list is how you eat. Nourishing your body with healthy food is key in enabling your body to function best. This means you should strive to enjoy a low-glycemic, high-fiber, preservative-free, and antioxidant-rich diet to help prevent inflammation in your body’s blood vessels.


Getting out there and breaking a sweat is excellent work for your mind and body. The sedentary lifestyles afforded by our technological culture are partly responsible for the alarming rates of heart disease. Try to get at least half an hour of exercise, three times a week to boost your circulation, ease tension, strengthen your heart, and lower your blood pressure to achieve a better state of health!

On top of these three items, receiving regular massages is known to positively impact your cardiovascular health. Since massage helps induce relaxation and thus has a calming effect on your autonomic nervous system, massage can help you achieve a state of mind that’s conducive to allowing your blood to circulate more freely to improve your overall cardiovascular health.

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