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Conventional and Non-Conventional Terms in Medicine

Conventional and Non-Conventional Terms in Medicine

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With the many different systems of medicine performed today, the boundaries between conventional and non-conventional practices have started to blur. In order to help you articulate your wants, needs, and school of thought, here’s a handy round-up of the many popular systems available in our more connected world today:

Conventional Medicine
This term refers to the classical medical training and practices that occur through standardized education and mainstream medical schools. Typically thought of as a drug and surgery approach, this category of medicine does not include practices like wellness, nutrition, and other more natural therapy types.

Organized Medicine
Organized medicine is a category that includes the collection of organizations that promote the conventional medicine type explained above. Including large-scale organizations and institutions such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, medical organizations, and the Food and Drug Administration, it is an organized system that engages in marketing, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and conditions.

Western Medicine
This category simply refers to the type of medicine practiced in the Western world including both the United States and Western Europe. Usually defined as resting on a philosophical foundation that a body is a collection of parts that can be studied and addressed separately to unite and treat the whole.

Eastern Medicine
Almost opposite to the school of thought found in Western medicine, Eastern medicine concentrates on the synergistic functioning of the whole body instead of concentrating on addressing problems one by one.

Complementary Medicine
This term is an umbrella term that captures alternative therapies and approaches to medicine including non-pharmacological methods such as acupuncture, massage therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and other methodologies that seek to provide relief to a wide variety of both physical and emotional conditions.

In this day and age the boundaries between the forms of medicine practiced are breaking down as more mainstream doctors are incorporating the valuable benefits of complementary medicine in their practices!

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