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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Elements Massage 15446 E Orchard Rd
Centennial, CO   80016
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Piney Creek

SE Corner of Parker and Orchard

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15446 E Orchard Rd
Centennial, CO 80016

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness

Against the DIY Grain: Superior Customer Service at Elements

Against the DIY Grain: Superior Customer Service at Elements

Elements Massage Piney Creek

In recent years, all things have started gravitating towards the Do-It-Yourself mentality. From self-sufficiency through online tutorials of how-to projects to dining experiences and self-check out at retail establishments, individuals are becoming accustomed to processes that require them to do the work themselves.

At Elements Massage Piney Creek, call us old-fashioned or traditional, but we believe in the full service approach to our business and customer service. Instead of complying with the hands off mentality we are pushing ahead hands on (pun intended!). When it comes to massage, our talented staff knows that not all massage is created equal and to deliver a truly therapeutic experience, this requires:

  • Expert knowledge of massage and ongoing professional development of new techniques
  • Open and clear communication between massage therapist and customers about their wants and needs and aches and pains
  • Belief in the vital importance of health and wellness

At a time when information and technology catapult life forward at lightning speeds and with the prevalent culture of DIY, at Elements Massage Piney Creek, we invite our customers to slow down, relish the moment, and reap the many health benefits of massage while entrusted in our care. Through our professional and quality performance and commitment to our customers, we’ve consistently earned the highest ratings for massage in the country beating out all of our competitors. We have done this through the foundational belief that massage isn’t about us but about you, our customers. By harness the rejuvenating and restorative power of massage to develop a holistic and therapeutic program tailored to individual needs, including modality of massage, application and pressure, the Elements way seeks to provide unparalleled customer service.

Massage requires active listening and response and our talented team of massage therapists work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Our client reviews and testimonials are all of the proof we need to know that we are doing our jobs well.

Let us show you our superior customer skills with your next massage at our studio.

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