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Success with Wellness

Success with Wellness

Dagmar Rizzato


Only tense, then relax  

Good Workout thrives on change and variety. But what is right for individual body parts, applies to the whole body even more so. 


Sustainable success you achieve that is only when on a hard workout the correct regeneration follows. Your body needs time and rest to respond to the training stimuli and to drive muscle growth, endurance and carrying capacity ahead.


Wellness means "feel good". Wellness and is therefore much more than just a muscle loosening program. Wellness means that you create an oasis where your mind and body back into harmony. For example, when the job must meet ever-increasing challenges, wellness is essential for you. For the right balance between work and your personal life filled tank up again. Regeneration of the body and the right lifestyle balance for the mind are therefore the essential requirements to meet our wellness area for you.


In ELEMENTS we surprise your body and mind time and again, and put him to the play of the elements fire, that heat, water and air, so breathing out. Just so you can slip off your pent-up high voltage after a busy day, let your soul and as a result generate maximum training success .

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