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"Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?"

"Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?"

Our Therapists

Robyn V: To be good? No - but pain can be a result, especially if you haven't had body work done in awhile or the "spot" you want to "workout" has been in constant and consistent pain. The client may not be able to gauge the pressure / pain level and then tells the therapist to "go deeper"

Christina: It depends on the work/result the client is looking for. Deeper tissue massage is expected to have some discomfort and some pain is to be expected even up to a couple days after the massage. Pain during the massage should be kept to a minimum, too deep can cause injury.

Trina: A good massage doesn't need to hurt, depending on what the client states the issue is and how it is treated. There might be some discomfort, have the client drink water, stretch, and remind them that the problem didn't happen overnight and can't be fixed overnight.

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