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Why do we give you water after your massage?

Why do we give you water after your massage?

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

We all know that drinking water has numerous health benefits but that doesn’t make it easy to put down the coffee, tea, or soft drink and reach for the H2O. It can be hard to pause during your hectic workday to take those extra steps down the hall at the office to the water cooler to refill that bottle or to remember drink a few glasses before the bedtime hour approaches.

At Elements Massage Paradise Valley, we strive to empower you to feel good and take care of yourself which is why we want to issue this brief reminder: The simplest things, such as increasing your intake of water, can greatly improve your state of being! Not to mention it can increase the effectiveness of your next massage.

Hydration is key any day of the week but it plays an essential role before and after any massage session for the following reasons:

Body and Muscle Tissues

When properly hydrated, your body’s tissues are more elastic and flexible allowing for a more effective and thorough massage. Also, when your tissue is pliant, it is able to more readily release toxins enabling the most out of your time on the table.

Circulatory System

Massage can help boost your immune system by increasing blood flow throughout your body. By drinking water, you can also help your circulatory system work. Together, this can help stimulate your lymphatic system, which empowers you to fight off the nasty head colds, flu’s, and other sicknesses you come into contact with.


Last, but definitely not least, water can assist the body in all of its elimination processes. More water means more efficient elimination of bodily toxins and build-ups in your system.

Aside from the above, water can also help lubricate your joints, regulate your body temperature, and protect your internal organs. If you’re asking yourself how much water you think you should drink, a good rule of thumb is to drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces each day but be sure to space out your intake. Start tomorrow and see how you feel. We bet it’ll make a difference!

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