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What is Hot Stone Massage & Why Beneficial?

What is Hot Stone Massage & Why Beneficial?

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Phoenix

As a relatively newly trending massage therapy treatment, there is a bit of mystery around Hot Stone Massage and a few differences between it’s history and it’s current common practice. The origins of hot stone massage are often debated but here in Arizona, the practice has been recently recharged, refined, and patented. This modern version of the technique commonly uses basalt rocks in the treatment due to their ability to retain heat. Each stone is heated in water and tested on the massage therapist’s skin before application to ensure they are not too hot. Once the stones reach the right temperature they are placed on the body over a layer of oil before the rest of the massage treatment begins. 

A variety of stone sizes are used depending on the location of placement on the body. For example, a larger stone is used on the back while a smaller stone is used on the neck. The heat from the stones loosens up muscles and allows the massage therapist to apply a deep or gentle massage depending on the request. It is always suggested but especially important in hot stone massage to talk to your massage therapist ahead of time about the type of massage you would like to receive.

There are many benefits of hot stone massage. We have listed some below:

  • The pressure applied during the massage combined with the heat of the stones cause a deeper relaxation of the muscles, which may help relieve constant muscle pain.
  • The heat given off by the stones helps support increased blood circulation throughout the muscles and organs.
  • The relaxation caused by the warmth of the stones and the subsequent deeper massage can also have positive mental health benefits by alleviating the stresses of the day. 

We hope you feel like this gave you a better understanding of what exactly a hot stone massage is and how it might help you. Looking forward to seeing you at our Elements Massage Paradise Valley studio to give it a try. Call us at (480) 483-1123 for more questions about this or email at and other massage options.

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