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The Benefits of Stretching

The Benefits of Stretching

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Massage therapy and working out are great methods to improve muscle operation. To increase the benefits of either method, add stretching to your routine. A good stretching routine can help you avoid injury, increase your body awareness, and promote physical and mental relaxation. If you take 10 minutes a day to stretch your muscles, it can lead to a more limber and calmer you!

While you stretch, you should be applying gentle pressure on your muscles. The core of stretching is to lengthen your soft tissues. If your muscles are tight or you have accumulated facial adhesions on your soft tissue, you have limited range of motion. Stretching can help increase your range of motion. Better yet, stretching on a regular basis can be a preventative measure for tightness and injuries.

Stretching is only beneficial if you do it the proper way. Do some research on stretching techniques and positions to make sure you are doing it right. Here are a few tips for you as you get started with your new stretching routine:

-      Make sure your muscles are warm before you start stretching. If your muscles are cold, it could cause injuries. The best times to stretch are right after an exercise or massage session. If you want to stretch and you haven’t just worked out or had a massage, try to walk, jog, or bike for five to ten minutes to get your muscles ready.

-      Do not overstretch. When stretching, bring your muscle to the point of tension where it just starts to resist. This should be achieved slowly and then held.

-      Take it slow. When stretching take your time to getting to the proper tension point. Avoid bouncing to get to your desired spot.

-      Pain should not be felt. Stretch to the point of muscle tension, but if you feel pain you have gone too far or are not using the proper techniques.  

Bodily balance can be achieved by stretching. Be sure to incorporate a variety of stretching moves to target muscle groups on both sides of the body. Don’t forget to stretch the muscles you use for both work and play. Take it slow and be patient, with time and practice, you will be able to gradually increase your flexibility!


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