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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Summer can be an incredibly uncomfortable season to be pregnant in. Between the heat, the sun, and the desert aridity,  Arizona can be a trying environment for pregnancy. Luckily at Elements Massage Paradise Valley, we are here to provide support and care when it comes to navigating the exciting prenatal period. That’s why we are proud to offer prenatal massage as one of our service offerings. 

Here’s how massage can address the mind and body changes that occur during pregnancy:

In the first trimester of pregnancy, many women struggle with nausea and fatigue. A gentle massage modality like Swedish Massage with its long, soft strokes and light kneading work is an excellent way to promote relaxation and to decrease natural anxiety.

During the second trimester, a professional massage therapist can work on issues that arise due to tension and muscle soreness or weight gain resulting from growing a baby. Specific areas like the lower and upper back, hips, sacrum, and lower extremities may need a little extra TLC for all of their hard work.

One of the most common complaints in late pregnancy is the swelling of joints. With massage, blood and lymph are encouraged to circulate helping to diminish edema. This is also an excellent stage for light stretching and gentle kneading to promote pliability and encourage good range of motion in advance of labor.

At Elements Massage Paradise Valley, we are all about showing you the support you need. This summer, if you are pregnant, make an appointment with our talented team and let us help you feel your best.


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