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Massage for Colder Weather

Massage for Colder Weather

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Now that the end of our brutal summer is near, colder temperatures are on the horizon. Along with this dip comes a host of new issues to be aware of like sore bones and joints, susceptibility to illness, and aching muscles. This season, learn how you can take better care of yourself with the art of massage during winter. Here’s how it can help you navigate the chilly season:

Boosting Immunity
A massage is an excellent way to help you ward of the flu, colds, and coughs by lending a boost to your immune system. By reducing your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol and aiding in the production of serotonin, massage can help increase your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and infection.

Achy Joints
Many arthritis suffers spend long, painful winters with sore joints and bones when the cold creeps in. To help combat these sensations, massage can help relieve many of the symptoms to help keep you comfortable and at ease.

Poor Circulation
Another common complaint in colder weather is loss of circulation. Regular massage sessions are a key way to improve this body function. By enhancing blood flow and naturally lowering blood pressure, massage can facilitate better circulation system function and improve your body’s circulatory abilities.

Muscle Soreness
Attention to sore muscles is one of the prime fortes of massage. With the application of pressure and movement to aid in getting your body to release tension and knots, massage is a great way to stay limber and mobile during the months when it’s easy to snuggle under a blanket and snooze away until spring.

This year, keep yourself happy and healthy by paying attention to your body and nurture yourself with the care of one of our professional massage therapists.

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