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Incredible Benefit Of Therapeutic Massage – Trigger Point Therapy Examples

Incredible Benefit Of Therapeutic Massage – Trigger Point Therapy Examples

Roxanne Alden


Among the many modalities used in Therapeutic Massage is Trigger Point Therapy.  Trigger Point Therapy has its own benefits in addition to those of therapeutic massage and can be used in a variety of Therapeutic Treatments from Sports Massage to Rehabilitative Massage.

Trigger points are “knots with attitude” which can refer pain to other parts of the body.  For example, the bodybuilder who has well developed shoulders may have trigger points in his or her upper traps which can cause headache and neck pain.  Trigger Point Therapy (TrP) can be used to release these knots and relieve the headaches and pain.  Because referral pain is common with trigger points, Trigger Point Therapy can help relieve pain in many areas by focusing on the area of the trigger point.

There are many other benefits of Trigger Point Therapy when used as part of a therapeutic massage program.  Used in sports massage, Trigger Point Therapy can help improve performance through the release of knots, thereby also improve stamina, energy and endurance.  As part of a treatment plan for injury rehabilitation, Trigger Point Therapy can benefit the client by releasing the knots that impede range of motion.

Finally, through the release of trigger points, the client can experience benefits including pain relief, alleviation of joint soreness, decreased inflammation, better sleep patterns, relaxation, and increased range of motion as well as stress reduction.  Experience the benefits of Trigger Point Therapy as part of your Therapeutic Massage session today.   Call either of our studios TODAY and we will be happy to arrange a Trigger Point session for you!!!   480.483.1123


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