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Clients across Phoenix Realizing Benefits of Massage Therapy for Men

Jun 19, 2013

Many men are currently in a cycle of working, eating and sleeping. This is a by-product of our work-focused society and the result is that most are not meeting their body and mind’s unique health requirements. Tense muscles and a lack of relaxation of the mind can have an exceptionally negative effect over time. And so many health-conscious professionals are now turning to massage therapy for relief.

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous and can be refined into physical benefits and mental benefits. In terms of the physical benefits of massage therapy; industry studies have shown that one 80-minute hand-and-foot massage can help men to reduce their heart rate, insulin levels and cortisol levels. This has the effect of reducing stress in the long-term. And relaxed clients are better able to respond to the daily stresses of life without increasing pressure on their body.

Another of the leading physical benefits to achieving massage therapy from a specialist is that it can help reduce muscle pain. Industry research shows that a 10-week massage program can alleviate chronic neck and back pain. For those men looking to get out on the golf courses this summer, a short massage therapy program could ensure complete comfort and relaxation throughout the entire season.

Medical studies have also shown the benefits of massage therapy for those suffering from mental health conditions. A 2010 research study, for example, highlighted how breast cancer patients who received two 30-minute massages weekly for five weeks reported significant reductions in depression and anxiety.

Massage therapy holds great intrinsic value both as a tool for resolving mental anguish and for resolving unique physical complaints.  Speak with a specialist at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Phoenix today about booking your introductory appointment. Relief is a phone call away!

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